Wednesday, March 19, 2014


So today did not go exactly as we planned. We got up and got breakfast then hopped onto the bus to Magic Kingdom, but EVERYONE was there. So we decided to head over to Hollywood Studios.

Because of my nerdy nature I had my geek out when I got to Star Wars Land. I sprinted towards the stage where Darth Vader was! Why can't I be 12 so I can be a padawan??? :(

We went on the Star Wars ride and it was FANTASTIC! I was almost crying because it felt so real! I'm such a nerd. <3

We then got lunch at Pizza Planet and decided to head over to Epcot for a bit.

While in Epcot we rode the ride that I did not know existed in the big golf ball! We then went to The Land and The Sea to try and ride some of the rides there. 

We got to ride the Nemo ride and I did not know there was an aquarium!! WITH DOLPHINS!!!

After Epcot we decided to go to Downtown Disney for some shopping. We wandered and then got dinner at Raglan Road. 

Unfortunately we missed Fantasmic so we decided to go back to Magic Kingdom for the fireworks. We ended up not watching those because we rode the Peter Pan ride.

In all this Disney experience was as wonderful as the first time. I hope to one day come back again and do even more things that Disney has to offer. For now I return to LR and continue to be a student. I am glad I was able to share my adventures to Florida with you. :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Today was our first day in Disney!!! We went to Magic Kingdom first and then Epcot!!

I rode a lot of rides I didn't the first time at Disney. The Haunted Mansion was the main one. We just walked around and one of my friends had a freak out moment when she saw Rapunzel's tower. 

I also got Henna again while in Morocco and got to teach Jack how to hold a fan.

I am so exhausted  now though. We stayed out till past 10 but then had to rush back to the hotel to get our stuff before 11. Now I sit in my hotel room looking at my bed longingly. Gonna get up early tomorrow for early Magic Kingdom opening!!!

Melborne, FL.

Today is our last day of performances on tour! Thank goodness. Well today was interesting. We started off with performing for Zion Lutheran School and then taking off to Vero Beach for some shopping. We flash mobbed the food court and sang one of our pieces from the concert.

Not too much happened. We drove to Melborne and practiced before the concert. Now we are relaxing a bit before we have our last performance.

I can't wait to go to bed tonight. I am so ready to go to Disney!!!

Delray Beach and Deerfield Beach, FL.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Our host family got us crowns and leis! I am feeling so much better now. Our host family took us to get breakfast at a super cute local diner and afterwords we went to CVS and they bought me meds! I am already feeling my voice slowly returning to me. Thank God!

So today we got to explore Delray Beach. I did not like this beach too much. There was litter everywhere, plastic bags, glass, cigarettes and a milk jug was floating in the water. We barely stayed a half an hour.

One thing we did find interesting was washed up Man of War Jellyfish.

After the disappointment of Delray we drove to Deerfield Beach and sang at a Lutheran school. That concert went well, and afterwards our host family took us to downtown Deerfield where we walked on the beach and had gelato. 

I need to go to sleep. I have been up late every night and waking up early every morning on this tour. Maybe tonight I will go to bed before 1 a.m.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sarasota and Vero Beach, FL.

We had to get up super early this morning for two services in Sarasota, FL. I was exhausted and it has officially happened. I am sick. I feel awful. My throat is scratchy, my voice hurts, I have a headache, I feel drained and I had to sing two solos in church. I got through them, but I struggled.

After the services we got onto the bus and took a four hour trip to Vero Beach. I was excited because a friend was there who was in choir last year.

Before the concert I was able to get some emergen-c into my system and that helped a LOT.

I don't have many photos but here are some from backstage.

After the concert my roommate and I went with our host family to a condo on the beach! It was a private beach too so we decided to do some night beach walking. It was loads of fun to just hang out after a long day of struggling with sickness. 

We also ended up swimming in the heated pool after hours because we are rebels. No one caught us. We just swam around and relaxed in the warm water.

Now it is bed time again. We are sleeping in bunk beds and I feel like a child again.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Siesta Key and Venice, FL.

Our host family last night was wonderful! It was this older woman who was a grandmother and a widow. She lived on the river and had a gorgeous house! My roommate and I have decided we want to adopt her and live in her house.

Here was our wonderful host grandmom. She was such a sweetheart! 

After leaving the church we went to Siesta Key for free time!

After our day at the beach we drove to Venice and had our concert there. After the concert our host family asked if we wanted to go to the beach and watch the sun set. So we went to Sharky's Beach.

Sharky's Beach is known for its abundance of shark teeth. I was able to get a few from my host mother and I picked up a few shells as well. I think this beach was my favorite because of the different sand and the beautiful waters. 

Well now it is time for bed. I have not been feeling very well and it worries me. I have a slightly sore throat and I sing a solo in church tomorrow.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Stetson University and Largo, FL.

So our night in Jacksonville was restful. My roommate and I's host family were wonderful and they fed us so well! We had delicious egg casserole for breakfast and they also gave us oranges and cookies. Too bad I cannot eat the cookies since I gave up sweets for lent…

Back on the road. We decided to visit Stetson University today and see the campus. A few weeks ago their choir was on tour and they sang with us in Hickory.

The campus was gorgeous and we were really enjoying the warm Florida weather! Considering we have been wearing warm coats and been having winter weather in North Carolina.

We drove for four hours before finally getting to Largo. It is a beautiful island with gorgeous waters surrounding. The church we went to was Prince of Peace Lutheran Church and it was the exact look I pictured of a Floridian church. White stone, palm trees everywhere, open spaces, you had to walk outside to get to all the different buildings. The only thing that wasn't so great was the toilets did not like to flush properly.

I hope to have photos of tomorrows beach trip! We will be going to Siesta Key!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Travel to Florida

So today begins my travel to Jacksonville, Florida! I have only been to Orlando so I am excited to see different parts of the state.

I am on tour with Lenoir-Rhyne Universities A Cappella Choir. It is our spring tour and we will be going to several different cities in Florida to perform before ending our tour with two free days in Disney.

Right now I have no pictures. It's not all that exciting. Over 40 of us squished onto a bus for 10 hours is not really enjoyable, but we can tolerate. As long we we get nap times and no one is too loud.

We will be staying the night in Jacksonville and then heading to Largo tomorrow. I am excited to see the Gulf Coast. I have never seen that ocean before and I have heard that it is beautiful.

I shall keep everyone updated on the different adventures that take place during this tour. Pictures will hopefully be more prominent the rest of the trip.