Monday, June 30, 2014

Wales: Big Pit Mine and Tintern Abbey

After quite a restful sleep in the hotel we ventured downstairs for a continental breakfast. I ate several croissants and had green tea. While there I also snagged a handful of more tea to take home with me. I have listened to my Nana's advice. :)

After breakfast we drove to The Big Pit mine.

I could not take photos while in the mine, but it was an incredible experience. I got to walk around the mine and see what it was like to be a miner in the time of coal mining. It was eerie and silent as we walked through the dark.

After the tour I got some pictures of the landscape.

After the mining tour we got to get lunch in Henry V home town of Monmouth. I got tea and some more Welsh cawl for lunch.

After lunch we went to our last destination, Tintern Abbey. Built in 1131 and the second Cistercian foundation in Britain, and the first in Wales. It was rebuilt in the gothic style in the 13th century. When King Henry VIII lived Tintern Abbey was robbed of all valuables and left to ruin. Today it is the oldest and best survived Abbey ruin in Wales.

It was a spectacular view and I loved wandering the halls where monks used to worship and songs used to echo across the halls. It was a peaceful place and I loved seeing everyone respect the ground they walked on.

After the abbey we returned to London where I went back to my flat and went straight to bed. The four days of travel left me exhausted, but blessed.

I am glad I got to share these travels with you and I plan to share more as my time in London continues.


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