Monday, June 30, 2014

Wales: Caerleon Roman Amphitheatre, Caerphilly Castle, and St. Fagans.

So after my fabulous time in Cardiff I turned around and headed right back to Wales to explore the countryside.

We started off in Caerleon to see the Roman Amphitheatre. It's amazing to think that the Romans were here in England. When one thinks of the Romans they think of Italy and all of the Roman architecture there. Well, they did get into England and built lives there.

After our time in Caerleon we then traveled to Caerphilly Castle. It was not a long drive, but I got to look at the Welsh countryside.

On the way there I spotted my first castle!

It was not a medieval castle, it was a renaissance castle. Doesn't matter to me though. A castle is a castle and there are none in America for me to look at.

The next castle I saw was Caerphilly Castle.

It was amazing to walk around this castle and think that it used to be a grand home. This is a castle that was not built for a king, but for a noble that was close with King Edward II of England.

As I walked around I imagined myself in that time period. How full of life this castle must have been. We stayed for a few hours and then made our way to St. Fagan's.

St. Fagan's is a museum of traditional Welsh houses and castles that have been moved and built back into this plot of land. I did not take any pictures of the houses for I ran to a small tea house to have high tea before they closed. 

 It was my first time having tea in bone china and having the option to have one or two lumps of sugar. Although, my time in London has changed my tea buds and I am now only putting milk in my tea, but while it was there I added one lump to my second cup just for the sake of it.

After St. Fagan's we drove to our hotel and got the rest of the day free. The girl I shared a hotel room with walked to a nearby Nando's and got take away. We then went back to the hotel room and watched documentaries on Stonehenge because we are cool like that.

We then went to bed early for the next day was going to be just as busy.

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