Monday, June 30, 2014

London: Abbey Road

On a trip in my class we decided that we were going to visit Abbey Road. The class I am taking is The Cult of Celebrity and so visiting a site that was made famous by celebrities was a requirement for my class.

We took the tube to the closest station and walked the half mile to Abbey Road. I expected it to be amazing and mystical, but in all honesty it was just a road with a cross walk.

It was not until I saw Abbey Road studios and all of the Beatles praise on the walls surrounding the studio that I got excited to be there.

I got the chance to write my own message on the wall by the studio. After making my mark at Abbey Road I got the chance to walk across the cross walk.

It is not the exact same angle as the album cover, but it can be seen and recognized that I am on the same street.

This little adventure was an exciting one for me and to any Beatles fan. After the trip I found myself listening to the album for two days after.

It seems I will be having more smaller local trips while I am here. I am noticing that my money is disappearing rather quickly when I travel far distances. I am doing my best to keep a tighter grip on my money, but living in London is expensive.

So for now I will go. I still and a student and do have work to do. Cheerio!

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